As a painter and mixed media artist I work with materials that vary greatly and are chosen in relation to the subject matter.


I use textiles, paper articles, acrylics, inks and sometimes just oil paints.I collect reference materials by sketching and photographing on site.Through this intuitive body of work, I express a fundamental sentiment of light and joy, represented in bold colors, a sudden curve or random marks.

I often paint surrounded by music which helps me to set aside political and social concerns that might otherwise get in the way of my self expression. It now becomes a dance with the canvas.

My paintings are about life. Sometimes linear and well organized with problems resolved. Other times they may be messy and unclear.

While making art I do not experience time. If there is anxiety, it is allowed to dissipate. If there is joy it can express itself as well. This work is a manifestation of acceptance and being present to the next brushstroke, the next line.

The Habitat series has evolved out of reading about the loss of amphibians. They are  inspired by natural landscapes, water and particularly the edges of ponds and small creeks.

The fragility of all living things and their interconnectedness are what empowers me to take action. I may sit at the edge of a river with a box of pastels or in my studio where I express my love or sadness about these places. I use acrylics and oils and paint on canvas. But that is not all, I use simple tools like tree sticks, inks and black walnut ink that I make myself from walnuts which grow in my backyard. I am not an illustrator rather I express a sentiment, a feeling when drawing images.