Freedom Park, An Urban Treasure

Paintings and Photographs by Terry Thirion

Exhibition April 9th through June 6, 2010

Red Sky Gallery, Charlotte, NC
4-A Cloudy Day 33X29 pastel

Charlotte, North Carolina – RedSky Gallery is proud to present an exhibit of selected paintings and photographs by Belgian/Charlotte artist Terry Thirion. These works will reveal the beauty and majesty of one of Charlotte’s jewels, Freedom Park, as few have experienced it. The exhibition opens with a reception on Friday evening April 9th 6:00-8:30 pm. at RedSky Gallery, 1244 East Blvd, in Dilworth. The show runs through May 6th 2010.

In small plein air pastels and large brilliant oils, with detailed realism and abstract expression, on canvas and through the camera’s lens, Terry Thirion captures the park’s pastoral landscape, resplendent trees, regional wildlife and serene seasonal contrasts. The exhibit will be both a beautiful artistic rendering and a personal tribute to this unique resource in our city.

Freedom Park is Charlotte’s most photographed locale and yet its grandeur is often overlooked and unexamined in a busy and stress-filled city. With a European sensibility, Terry Thirion has cherished the park’s distinct beauty and discrete charms. She has explored, sketched, painted and photographed every corner of the park for more than 10 years and been a civic champion for the preservation and improvement of its hallmark cherry trees and landscape.

The Red Sky exhibition, An Urban Treasure, will be an arresting reminder and a pleasurable invitation to find beauty and glory in the simplicity of a walk in the park.