PROJECT 2014: Charlotte NC (completed)

Disappearing Frogs Project 2014

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Disappearing Frog

Click here to view some of the images submitted which will be exhibited during the month of February at the Charlotte Art League Gallery in Charlotte North Carolina

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Our water, our air, our frogs – and WE – are under assault.
Join hundreds of artists in making an art statement!

Completion Event: Sat., Feb. 22, 5-7 pm: Open mic, music, poetry, on the Disappearance of Frogs and its meaning to our lives.

Charlotte Art League Gallery, 1517 Camden Rd., Charlotte NC

Note to Patrons: Next “Green Heaven” Puppet Show is Saturday, Feb. 22 at 3:45. Bring the Kids. The Show is getting great reviews! 

The Art Exhibit will be taken down on Tuesday, Feb. 25. If you have not seen the show yet, it will be open all weekend — Don’t Miss It!

See the Charlotte Observer Feature Article about the Disappearing Frogs Project

The Mission:

To create an interactive art installation which brings awareness to the decline and or disappearance of frogs and other amphibians and inspire people to take personal action to protect our environment. Close to 3000 species face the prospect of extinction during our lifetime – a much higher rate than expected.  Many are already gone and since they are in an interrelated bio-system, their demise has a domino effect. These small, fragile creatures are very susceptible to changes in their environment and act as the proverbial canary in the coal mine for the rest of us.

The Art Exhibit:February, 1st to the 25th, Opening of exhibit February 1st with presentation by Biologist Monica Pearson (see below) at 5PM

 Art installation  to enlighten audiences of all ages and stimulate dialogue. It consists of displays of hundreds of small  images of frogs submitted by artists, video imagery, sound accompaniment, spoken word and text.  Science advisors will assist with topics and participate in forums. The images will ultimately be sold or returned to the artist if requested.  After expenses are paid the proceeds will go to non-profits that have shown a consistent commitment to education and activism regarding clean air and water issues. The exhibit also includes an original puppet show for children and parents, written and produced by Johanna Steinz with performances by Johanna Steinz and Robert Blumenthal.

Expert Presentations/Discussions 

  • February 1st Biologist, Monica Pearson, Univ. of British Columbia – Film and Discussion of Environmental Demonstration Program in Canada,
  • February 15 Panel discussion moderated by Barbara Vermeire featuring:  Professor Reid N. Harris, Biologist, Researcher at James Madison University – Discussion of causes and effects of a devastating fungus among amphibians; his research in Madagascar and Panama

“Green Heaven” Puppet Show, an Original Production by Johanna Steinz, (center stage with cast)

Puppet Show: First Performances  Friday, Feb. 1 at 3:45 p.m., other dates and times below

Puppet Show Coloring Book: Original Illustrations by nationally recognized illustrator, Judy Love of Charlotte

Schedule of Events @ the Charlotte Art League Gallery
1517 Camden Road Charlotte NC
Gallery Hours:  Tues. thru Sat., 11 to 3 and open evenings, Fridays 1-8, and Sundays 1-5

  • Art Installation – February 1 – 25
  • Sat. Feb. 1, 5:00 pm: Biologist Monica Pearson Presentation, U. of British Columbia
  • Friday, Feb. 7 at 6:00 pm: Opening Reception
  • Sat., February 15 at 5:00 p.m., Panel Discussion moderated by Barbara Vermeire featuring:  Professor Reid N. Harris, Biologist, Researcher at James Madison University – Causes and effects of a devastating fungus among amphibians; his research in Madagascar and Panama; and  Sam Perkins, Catawba Riverkeeper – Effects on amphibians of habitat destruction and ongoing protection efforts; and  Stephen Hutchinson, Mecklenburg County Parks and Rec, Latta Plantation – how frogs function in our ecological system, their benefits to humans and Parks and Rec educational efforts.
  • Puppet Shows  at 3:45 pm: Feb. 1st, 7th, 15th, and 22nd
  • Completion Event  on Sat., Feb. 22 at 5:00 pm: Open mic, music, poetry, discussion on the future of the Disappearing Frogs and it’s project.

All Events Are Free to the Public

Deadline for submissions is now closed

 Requests for Art for First Phase: (completed)

Paint-print-draw-sculpt-design!On one or more surfaces of your choice (canvas, fabric, heavy paper of mat board, wood)  create your interpretation of the frog or other amphibian. Sign the front,  on the back of the image write your name, phone number, email and return address.  Please indicate whether or not you want the image returned. (no return needed)

Size of image: in inches: 4×4, 4×8 or  8×8

Sculptures: If you have an idea for 3 dimensional work that you’d like to enter into the exhibit, send a couple of samples of previous work to me to see if it can be integrated into the exhibit.

This video is about The Disappearing Frogs Project and artist/activist Terry Thirion’s call to action.

 Skills Welcome
Energetic individuals interested in being part of this endeavor,  PR,  science, lighting, projecting,  installation  know how etc.  Contact:

Project Creator and Director

Terry Thirion
2808 Park Road, Charlotte NC 28209  USA

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