Terry lives in Hot Springs, NC, in the mountains of western North Carolina, 25 miles NW of Asheville.  She grew up in Belgium among farmlands and spent a lot of time at building worksites since her father was a master stone carver. She was exposed to sculpting and gothic art from an early age. Some of that influence is reflected in her shapes and forms. She produces her work in her studio in Hot Springs or creates works on the edge of the Laurel River that her home overlooks.


“I attempt to find balance through colorful shapes and lines that leap off the canvas and intertwine with each other in a playful way. I want to intrigue the viewers and invite them to discover the little surprises that I embed in each of these works.”

“I love to make art. Each piece presents its own challenges. Sometimes it is a mood that I want to convey that dares me to explore other mediums or techniques, sometimes it is the unwillingness to stick to ‘the norm’. Every time I work it’s an adventure that ultimately results in the thought, ‘wouldn’t live without it.’”

“Most of my art is abstract. I also create images and collages derived from world events and common life experiences. These include the figure, architectural elements and found objects.”



Terry Thirion studied and graduated from the Parmentier School of Design in Brussels Belgium. She attended the Arts Academie in Leuven Belgium and Broward Community College in S. Florida.


Terry’s art is on exhibit in Hot Springs, Asheville and in Charlotte North Carolina

• Gallery339 Hot Springs – 339 NW US 25-70 Hot Springs NC 28743

• Gallery 362 Depot St.  – Asheville, NC 28801

• Gallery Marquee – 36 Foundry St., Asheville, NC 28801

• Carolina Fine Art – 282 S. Sharon Amity Rd., Charlotte, NC 28211

All measurements are in inches. Sizes can be converted in centimeters.
Translation of all text is available on demand in Dutch and French.

339 NW US 25-70
Hot Springs, NC 28743 USA