Disappearing Frogs Project

History and Formation:

Disappearing Frog

Click here to view some of the images submitted which were exhibited during the 2014 Exhibition

The Disappearing Frogs Project (DFP) was created In 2013 by Charlotte NC-based artist Terry Thirion. The concept is to bring synergy between artists and scientists to the public, communicating the unprecedented global amphibian decline and potential effects of species extinction. Awareness in the community is being raised; hearts of the public are being touched; and the Disappearing Frogs Project is inspiring people to get involved and to take personal action.

In February 2014, The “Disappearing Frogs Project” came to life with a thirty-day multimedia art installation at the Charlotte Art League in Charlotte, NC. More than two hundred artists responded in support of Terry’s call, contributing 190 original paintings, sculptures and photos. The month-long event included a 25’ wall of unique frog art, another 100+ pieces of children’s art, scientific discussions led by environmental experts from around the country, and an original puppet show starring a cast of frogs artfully raising environmental issues. It was an instant success!

Going Global, Leadership, Plans for 2016, and How to Get Involved:

The Disappearinasa-logog Frogs Project continues to gain both momentum and support. In 2015 the Disappearing Frogs Project partnered with Amphibian Survival Alliance—the world’s largest partnership for amphibian conservation.

Pam and Terry RH

Raleigh-based Pam Hopkins (l) has teamed up with Terry Thirion to expand the work of the Disappearing Frogs Project

Terry Thirion is now partnered with Raeigh-based activist Pam Hopkins to organize programs for 2016 with a vision of taking the message and medium of the Project to many more cities, groups and other institutions.


Terry Thirion, Founder, Director, 704-334-0800, tthirion@disappearingfrogsproject.org

Pam Hopkins, Regional Director of Communications, 919-602-0306,  phopkins@disappearingfrogsproject.org Email:




Short, powerful video on the worldwide extinction of amphibians and the work of the Disappearing Frogs Project to inform people, using art and science.