“I attempt to find balance through colorful shapes and lines

that leap off the canvas and intertwine with each other in a playful way. I want to intrigue the viewers and invite them to discover the little surprises that I embed in each of these works.”



As a painter and mixed media artist I work with materials that vary greatly and are chosen in relation to the subject matter.

I use textiles, paper articles, acrylics, inks and sometimes just oil paints.I collect reference materials by sketching and photographing on site.


Through an abstract and intuitive body of work, I express a fundamental sentiment of light and joy, represented in bold colors, a sudden curve or random marks.

I often paint surrounded by music which helps me to set aside political and social concerns that might otherwise get in the way of my self expression. It now becomes a dance with the canvas.

My paintings are about life. Sometimes linear and well organized with problems resolved. Other times they may be messy and unclear.

While making art I do not experience time. If there is anxiety, it is allowed to dissipate. If there is joy it can express itself as well. This work is a manifestation of acceptance and being present to the next brushstroke, the next line.



Terry lives in Charlotte, NC. She grew up in Belgium among farmlands and spent a lot of time at building worksites since her father was a master stone carver. She was exposed to sculpting and gothic art from an early age. Some of that influence is reflected in her shapes and forms. She produces her work in her studio in Charlotte or creates works on the edge of the Laurel River in Hot Springs, NC.

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